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We are Fabbdea 3D Printing in Canterbury,Kent . And we should be your Go-To partners for 3D Printing, 3D Design and 3D Scanning.

What’s in a name?

We take ideas and we run with them to create the design visions of our clients through the latest and greatest of 3D technology.
Our name is based upon the premise that our company is an IDEAS FABRICATOR, and that includes everything from internal consultations to help our clients understand just what 3D printing, scanning and design technologies can provide right through to prototype creation.
We can bring your ideas to life: talk to us today about how we can produce everything that you imagine.

We are experienced. We are expert. And we are passionate about our industry and 3d printing.

We’ve been built upon years’ worth of engineering experience across a wide range of industries, and we are driven by a team who are passionate about the direction in which 3D technology can be taken.

Got questions?

We know that you may have questions, queries or concerns about your project and what we may be able to achieve for you. So whatever you need to know, our team are here for you.
Contact them today and they’ll be right back in touch as soon as is humanly possible!

Want to know more about who we are and what we do?

Need to know more about who it is that you may entrust your latest prototype design or passionate project to? No problem. We tell you all about who we are, what we do and the values that we were established upon over on our about page.

Let’s connect… you’ll be glad that you did

We’re not just passionate about the nuts and bolts of 3D printing, and our experts don’t merely love geeking out on the latest 3D scanning and design news. No, we go beyond this to bring to you all that is interesting about our 3D world, from around the world and right onto your social media feeds: from 3D printing tricks right through to wackiest and most weird of 3d prototypes.

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